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A student who left the Seminary College in good academic standing will be considered for re-admission upon completion of re-application procedures (see below) and subject to review of academic and formational records by the Admissions Committee.

The applicant for re-admission as a full-time resident student will:
  1. Complete a new application form;
  2. Submit official transcripts for any academic work taken in the interim.
The Admissions Committee will review all records of previous enrollment and may request a personal interview with the applicant before deciding to re-admit the student or to deny his application. The decision of the Admissions Committee is final.

The prospective re-enrollee will submit:
  1. A letter to include:
    1. Reason for return;
    2. What changes have made a return viable;
    3. Reason why re-enrollment should be considered by the Seminary College;
  2. A current letter of sponsorship from diocese or religious community. By the statement of sponsorship, the seminary will presuppose that the following have been acquired by the diocese or religious community:
    1. Recent (obtained within the last six months) certificate of Baptism and certificate of Confirmation;
    2. Assurance that the applicant is suitable for enrollment to seminary in accord with the norms of Canon Law (Canon 241).