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A few months ago, Charles Nolan, the abbey's volunteer archivist, requested help from the older inmates of the monastery to identify events and people in photos from the archives. As we were examining them, we thought that a collective effort from our alumni would be better than the sketchy memories of a few monks. Thus was born the Abbey Archive Project.

Abbey Archive Project on flickr

Our plan is to scan old photos, post them to Flickr.com, and open up those collections to comments. You can tell us what you know about the photos in the comments section by signing in with your Flickr, Facebook or Gmail account. If you don't have these accounts, you may click this link: Archive Project submission form. Please include the number of the collection and the name of the photo in the form; we'll post your comments to Flickr for you.


We would like to expand this plan to our film archives as well. Our film is aging, which is particularly tragic because film dissolves. The longer we wait, the more will be lost. If you can help us defray the cost of preserving our film in any way, you may donate to this cause by contacting us at alumni@sjasc.edu, or calling our alumni director Fr. Matthew Clark at 985 867-2245.