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Welcome to our Saint Ben's Alumni section.

Of the many relationships we at Saint Ben's hold dear, that with our alumni is unique. Perhaps because you shared life here with us during your seminary years, you hold a special place in the Abbey and Seminary communities, not only because of that time and all the memories associated with it, but, more importantly, because of the vital part you continue to play in so many ways in the ongoing life of both places. This section of our web site is devoted to sustaining that relationship.

At times alumni have remarked that things here are not the same as they remember they were "in the good, old days." In many ways, Saint Ben's today is not the way it was during most of your years here. Many remember the days when students came in August and didn't leave campus again until December, so there was no parking lot. Now the student parking lot is full. Also, though the buildings look the same on the outside, visiting alumni can't find their old "haunts." And almost all the "old" professors have been replaced by younger ones, including some Saint Ben graduates.

Yes, time has brought about many changes. Yet, as the old proverb says, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Though appearances change, our mission stays the same -- to prepare men for the study of theology and ordination to priesthood. And our efforts to do that well are just as sincere and dedicated as they were 20, 50, or 100 years ago. Our work of ongoing planning and program enhancement continues to bear fruit both in seminary formation for the priesthood of tomorrow, and in preserving the rich Saint Ben's traditions of which you were, and continue to be, a vital part.

This section aims to keep you, our alumni, abreast of the Saint Ben's of today, with both its continued mission and the changes that have been made to sustain that mission. And, you will find some memories of days past and where our alumni are now. We hope you will visit it often and will let us know if there is other information you wish to see included.

We thank God for you and treasure you as vital members of the Saint Ben's community. You are ever welcome at your Saint Ben's home. May God bless you always.

Fr. Matthew Clark, O.S.B. ('80)
Director of Alumni Affairs