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Seminary student life is largely a matter of student-planned and student-directed activities. These are managed by the Executive Board of the Student Government Association (SGA) composed of four officers - President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer - elected from the student body at large.

The SGA seeks to achieve its aims through referenda, resolutions, and the appointment of committees for special objectives. Its purposes are to promote good spirit among seminarians; to assure unity among all groups; to promote a spirit of cooperation between the students and faculty; to represent student needs and legitimate requests to the proper authorities; to foster and organize students activities under faculty moderators; and to aid the development of creativity and initiative among the students.Under the Executive Board of the SGA, there are six standing committees: Apostolic, Athletic, Hospitality, Religious Activities, Social Life, and Yearbook.

Besides these standing committees, the SGA sends representatives to the committees for Academic Affairs, for Library, and for Student Life.

The Seminary College administration and faculty are interested in and supportive of the SGA, seeing its activities as learning and maturing experiences for students through self-regulation.